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Collectible, Rare and Antiquarian books for sale.
Necessary Histories and Great Books For All Ages.
Maps, Prints and Militaria!
(Formerly E Quinn Booksellers)

691 East Main Street Blue Ridge, GA. 30513

Welcome to Blue Ridge Booksellers...

Whatever happened to that small, cozy,

fascinating book store on Main Street?

Well, we've been here for 23 years now! Without a web presence until 2022,

and not even a sign for the last 9 years. Just dedicated to "the book."

And here we are reaching out...

The intent is to communicate better, about books, writers, illustrators, printing, and to give a

conduit to some who may be very interested in our treasure, and with your help, to establish

the treasure on shelves better than our own.

Every generation should endeavor to establish a library for their posterity!

Families and individuals, all, are enriched by such a useable monument to their identity,

their ideology and their ideas...or simply find a great book just because.

Whether you are looking for a particular book or genre, or just want to peruse our inventory,

know we have something for everyone: children's books, Fiction and Non-Fiction,

Historical works, and so much more.

We are a small independent book store on

Main Street in Blue Ridge, GA.

This is our 23rd year. Never had more to offer.

Once again, welcome...

Let us help you discover something!

#supportlocal #smalltownusa #independentbookstores

Books, the only thing you can buy that make you truly richer...

Blue Ridge Booksellers front of the storeIn Cold Blood book at Blue Ridge Booksellersa happy customer at blue ridge booksellers
Author, William FaulknerOf Mice and Men bookHomesteading books in our store
Emily Dickinson, author, postage stampBooks located in Blue Ridge BooksellersSir Walter Scott
Books from the shelves of Blue Ridge BooksellersThe children's book, Chitty Chitty Bang BangWilliam Faulkner's Rowan Oak Sign
 blue Ridge Booksellers
TESTIMONIALS and Recommendations

Coming across this beautiful bookstore completely made my day, it is truly one of the neatest shops I've ever been in, and I can't wait to get back (with a wagon next time...) also...there are two nice leather chairs inside, for the non-book enthusiasts to sit and wait , seriously, it's a "must-see", "something for everyone", "hidden gem" type of place.

Angie Palank via FB reviews

This is a wonderful bookstore! We enjoy stopping by and perusing their selection every time we are in Blue Ridge. I can't wait to start the book I bought today.

Kristen Pearson Westrick via FB reviews

This is the kind of place I want to tell everyone about, the atmosphere is great and the guy who helped me out is awesome. The shop is warm and inviting and I could easily spend an entire day here. They have an amazing selection, and if they don't have what you're looking for they have something close. It'll be a shame if you don't check it out.

Alexis via Google reviews

This is beautiful store very rarely seen in the day and age of chain stores like Barnes and Noble. Not knocking Barnes and Noble but you can't put a price on a Sunday chat with the owner, and piles of books. It is a place one could get lost in for hours. Each book has a handwritten card, such a personal touch like that is rarely found in a modern age. You couldn't ask for a better place to lose yourself in and have a memory of visiting. It truly is a rarity in a world full of bar codes and impersonal service. I strongly recommend you take some time to visit this shop in you read your book you long for a store like this in your hometown..

Devani Rogers via Google reviews